Rants Of The Raven/ Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

The moon is a reliable friend. It waxes and wanes on a regular schedule and helps us mark the passage of time. It lights up the night sky, glowing white and providing relief through the darkest hours. So it’s no wonder that, once upon a time, when the moon glowed red and disappeared during a lunar eclipse, humans were terrified.

The second blood moon of 2018 will occur on July 27. Before and after the moon is obscured completely for an hour and 43 minutes—the longest totality of the 21st century, NASA predicts—it will seem to bleed, glowing an eerie red. Now we know the strange occurrence simply means the moon is transiting through the shadow of our planet and not reflecting the light of the sun. And though we may find it amazing to observe, we mostly aren’t afraid that a lunar eclipse is a bad omen—except for those who believe a blood-moon prophecy in the Bible predicts the end of days. 

So as Witches we welcome this Dark Moon this shadowed bloody inner part of ourselves! Lunar Eclipse Blessings To All!



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