Rants Of The Raven/Strawberry Moon

While the strawberry full moon on Jun. 28 will unfortunately not coat Earth with a pink shade, it will usher in the new season. As we all know — and have been waiting impatiently for since the sun started to set around 4:30 p.m. — the summer solstice will occur on Jun. 21. While we're already enjoying the perks of the sun's linger, this official date of summer will usher in the universal acceptance of summer Fridays, weekly barbecues and a delightful rooftop spritz. But it's this strawberry moon that is the juiciest way to announce the official start of the hottest season. So, when can we expect that moment? The strawberry full moon will be ~exactly full~ at 12:53 a.m. on Jun. 28. But — you don't have to stay up to bask in the glow of summer's first full moon as it will appear to be full in the night sky all night on Jun. 28 

The moment when the moon turns exactly full is when the it is considered to be a full moon. This is where the question "when is the strawberry full moon" gets tricky. Depending on your time zone, the full moon could reach its full potential on Jun. 27. According to Earth Sky, "all the U.S. time zones to west of the Eastern Time Zone, the moon turns precisely full this evening – on Wednesday, June 27." Yes, the Full Moon will turn full at the same ~moment~ in the United States. But because of time zones, if you're not on the East Coast, the full moon will officially be on Jun. 27. 

This moon will be emanating a strong lunar energy that delivers abrupt change, which will be noticeable a few days before and a few days after it reaches its fullest illumination. All zodiac signs will be affected, but in particular those born with Capricorn in their chart. 

Blessed Be



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