Rants Of The Raven/My Birthday

Today is My Birthday and the Stars in the Sky are Aligned for me in this day and I will do a Birthday wish Spell😀 I am Gemini Cancer Rising an Air Sign with Transmutable Energy. My Planet is Mercury my secondary is The Moon , My suit in The Tarot and Altar too is The Athame The Sword, color Yellow. Quarter for my Sign is the East Watchtower Element of Air. The Oak is my Tree and my Spirit Animal is the Stag

The Moon in Virgo clashes with the Sun at 6:51 AM and Saturn at 7:48 PM, creating an irritable mood; however, the Moon enters harmony loving Libra at 8:29 AM. The vibe is kind and affectionate at 11:32 PM when the Moon connects with Venus. Messenger planet Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune at 11:59 PM, encouraging empathetic communication. It’s a wonderful evening to write poetry, for spiritual endeavorers or for a deep heart to heart.

The Moon enters fellow air sign Libra this morning, finding you in an especially flirtatious and creative mood. The vibe continues to be chill this evening as you ruling planet Mercury connects with dreamy, whimsical Neptune. And that is My Horoscope for June 20th 2018! 

Blessed Be



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