Rants Of The Raven/ Charging Items

I have a shelf on book shelf reserved just for this it is my charging station.

Hold the object with two hands, clasped together so that the object or a portion of it is sandwiched between them. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. Clear your mind so that there are no conscious thoughts. If thoughts arise spontaneously, consider whether this derives from communication of one sort or another with the object.* Make a note of the thoughts so that you may return to them later, and clear your mind once again. Just hold the object, focusing on energy flowing out of your hands and into the object. (Depending upon the nature of the object, this may be a one-way or two-way energy flow.) When you feel that the object has absorbed sufficient energy or is now in harmony with your personal vibration, place it down and consciously withdraw your attention from it. Objests can be charged with specific forces, usually sunlight or moonlight, so that they will contain some of this essence. Objects may also be charged with elemental forces. Blessings of the Elements Each element can provide ritual blessings for spell tools and materials. Whatever is blessed is empowered and charged with that element’s special energy. Choose what is appropriate or desirable, alone or in combination. You may also use smoke a white candle, salt and Blessed water. 



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