The Devine Craft Three Card Draw April 12 2018

Deck Used~ Shadowscapes Tarot

Card 1 The Past King Of Pentacles

The cautious progress you have been making is leading you towards success. The advice you recently received will be helpful in achieving your goals. You can no longer rely on this past advice and must forge a new way forward. 

Card 2 The Present Six Of Swords

The Conflict is at an end swords were drawn swords were defeated by swords.There will be a change in your life for the better. A burden or challenge you will face may yield a new path.

Card 3 The Future Two Of Swords

The battle was won but not the war.

The difficult situations that lay ahead of you must be overcome immediately, so do not delay or hesitate. Bring about the best possible ending by acting honestly and with honourable intentions. 

Blessed Be



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