The Devine Craft Three Card Draw April 3rd 2018

Deck used~The Wild Unknown Tarot

Card 1 The Past Three Of Cups

This card is both a portent of celebration and cause for it. It tells of great happiness in the future for you, and not of the passing kind, but secure joy which will last and be shared with those around you. Commonly associated with the completion of a meaningful project, or, even more likely, a birth. 

Card 2 The Present Four Of Swords

Representing order and stability, combined with the tumultuous nature of the Swords, the IV of Swords offers your respite from the battles in your life. The peace may be temporary, but appreciate it while it lasts. It may point towards recovery from prolonged illness. 

Card 3 The Future Mother/Queen Of Swords

The Queen of Swords represents a very perceptive individual, sharp-witted and professionally distant. You will most likely find her to be your aid and counsel, possibly a teacher. Not necessarily female, but likely to be, this person should be trusted and may take an interest in you, but that interest is unlikely to be romantic. A powerful ally, respect her intelligence and you will be rewarded with peerless guidance. 

Blessed Be



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