The Devine Craft Three Card Draw April 2nd 2018

Deck used~ and meanings The Wild Unknown Tarot

Card 1 The Past Father of Swords

Like all the swords family the Father has a gift for perception. He has the distinct ablity to remove himself emotionally from a situation, so that he can truly see it from all angles. He is therefore respected by others, who usually describe him as fair or just. He's a responsible man with deep ties to his family.

Card 2 The Present Six Of Pentacles

The six of Pentacles indicates that your long awaited fruits are ready for harvesting, bringing more wealth than anticipated. Make time for this card can also signify generosity coming from someone else. If this is the case accept the help with Grace and put the rescources to good use.

Card 3 The Future Two Of Cups

Say hello to the much adorded Two Of Cups. When this card appears you can anticipate new love to be heading your way. And yes, this usually means romance...but sometimes it points to a dear and lasting friendship. Either way the connection will be pure honest and solid. Open your heart and get ready.

Blessed Be



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