The Devine Craft Three Card Draw April 1st

Deck used~Witches Tarot

Last draw of the week from this deck will start a new deck for the week after I charge them all in tonight's remaining full moonlight.

Card 1 The Past= Ten Of Wands

The strength that you've developed over years of struggle will lead you to the solution of your current problem. The negativity you have recently let go of will allow you to form a new philosophy. 

Card 2 The Present = King Of Wands who appeared in the present in 3/27/18's spread. The King of Wands may signify an upcoming financial windfall for you. It can also represent an association with a masculine authority figure, a leader and arbitrator. You may find yourself aided in solving a dispute. Be open to the advice of those with more experience than yourself.

Card 3 The Future= Four Of Cups

Apathy is the most insidious of evil. If its influence remains unchecked you may lose yourself, and not even realize what you have lost. This card is a strong warning that you must break out of your current cycles. Seek out causes or people to care and fight for. Make new goals, and then seek out new paths to reach them. Now is the time to take risks, as the price of failure is far less than the cost of no longer seeking success. 

There will be long delays before you achieve your goals. Do not lose faith and keep your eyes facing forward. Make your plans and do not lose sight of the exciting rewards you desire. 

Have a Blessed day look for a new read with a different deck tomorrow!



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