Rants Of The Raven/Offerings

Because magic is an exchange of powers. consistently effective magic isn’t all about me, me, me! The universe doesn’t exist solely to serve you: there is always an exchange of energy, an exchange of gifts. Magic is about mutually satisfying relationships between forces and powers. including but not limited to your own. Power and favors must be balanced. You are as much a contributor to the universe as a receiver of its bounties. When you want something from a power, offer something in return. When you receive a gift or favor, give one in return. This maintains a balance of power in the universe. In some cases, it’s necessary. Botanicals work more powerfully for you if you reciprocate, offering libations, when harvesting. Many spirits will not work with you. unless they essentially receive payment of some sort, which may be as simple as devotion or as complex as specific ritual, depending upon the power.

Air: Pass the object through or hold within incense smoke. Smudge with a smudge stick Earth: Sprinkle with dirt, particularly specially chosen dirt (crossroads dirt, or dirt gathered from a shrine or holy place) Fire: Pass through aflame or hold within the flame for a few moments (obviously this is for materials that won’t burn or be damaged) Metal: Allow the object to rest overnight atop the specific metal Water: Sprinkle with regular water or magically charged formula water. Obviously this is for materials that won’t be damaged by this technique

Build an altar dedicated to the spirit or deity. Charge the object with your desire. Consciously request that the object receive the needed blessing and energy of the spirit. Allow the object to remain on the altar, in close proximity to the spirit’s image if one is used, or else to various power items. Time allotted varies but it is usually at least overnight.



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