Rants Of The Raven

🌒The Ritual Bath🌘 The Bath or the Element of Water has healed, recharged,Blessed and used to Divinate, to ground and enhance the mind's eye for Witches for centuries. The Witch uses the bath to remove negativity and other bad Elements before doing Spells reading crystal balls and Tarot. It can be used to remove hexes and other Spells. It can also be used to place spells on oneself and ehance the Witches powers. It is used for healing the mind body and Spirit. Most people ask how do I become a Witch or when and where will I know? I can truly say in the bathtub or the water a lake a stream the Ocean. As a male Witch who Practices Wicca I use ritual baths and showers all the time.As a part owner of The Devine Craft it is why I am proud we create as many different types of ritual Bath Bombs and shower tabs for different effects and purposes that we can. So grab one of ours from the website or just some Epsom salt and a candle and your Crytals and hit the tub and tap into the Goddess and the power of H2o. Blessed Be Ravenwind 🌛⭐️🌜 thedevinecraft.com  

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