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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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This is a Classic Celtic Cross layout using The Mythic Tarot as my divinatory tool. I began my tarot journey as The Fool at 13 years old with my first deck that my Mom had bought for me which was The (original) Mythic Tarot. That first deck I used for many years and it traveled through many states, I used that deck until the card edges were frayed and pealing apart . Nonetheless im pushing 50 now and sitting down and reading a spread with this deck is like sitting down with an old friend who after all these years says "Yes you have been through a lot, yes you were tested, yes you put forth your genuine best effort and believe it or not, everything is going to be okay...." well thats what it said to me anyway...☆

Lark Blackberry
Ravenwind Pendragon
Raven Nightshade
Unknown member
May 22, 2022

It is a lovely deck! The Celtic Cross is always my “go-to” spread for a good outlook.



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