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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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Ravenwind Pendragon
Practitioner/Employee of The Devine CraftHigh Mystic
Practitioner of The Devine CraftPriest/Priestess

🃏Group Oracle Draw🃏

Deck Used Sacred Spirit Oracle Cards

Card 35 Spiritual Evolution

"Forgiveness and Compassion is needed now... Set your heart free "

Expansion goes along with spiritual evolution. Without the process of Expansion, one cannot evolve Spiritually. Expanding the heart and mind allows you to live a more wholesale and loving life with compassion tolerance and acceptance.

Shadow aspect: Stagnation, idleness, condemnation, bitterness

Sacred Crystal Tibetan Quartz

Angel assistance: Guardian Angel Samuel = Health, Energy, Vitality, Healing from trauma


"As my love and experience grows the consciousness of my Spirit evolves."

Blessed Be

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Lark Blackberry
BellaDonna Devine


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