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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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Approach and Avoid divination technique:

In approach is The Mystic - This is significant to me because I am working with the self archetype of The Mystic this month, interestingly I had just written Mystic on a laurel bay leaf for both myself and a client whom I was shipping some products to. I sent her a bay leaf with Mystic written on it and made one for myself that we might burn them together . This is my first time drawing The Mystic Archetype from The Wild Unknown archetype oracle deck. The Mystic when light is an ageless visionary whos light beams with the strength of 1000 suns. Also in approach is The tarot card of The Hanged Man, while some peoples view of this card can be a negative one I see it a bit differently. Release itself can be the most merciful act that one can do for oneself. Just letting go and hanging there upside down listening for the answers the universe chooses to bestow upon you is the most healing thing that I can do for myself. This stillness is an example of someone collecting their resources and getting ready to act, it is about release, letting go , they could choose to remove themselves from this position however this is not the first example of someone hanging from a tree trying to get it sorted out.

*For my animal spirit card I pulled from The Druid Animal oracle deck the Earth Dragon- indicating power, potential, riches...

**For my plant spirit card of the day I pulled the blank card from The Druid Plant Oracle - The blank card has some deep meaning for me, this card indicates that the future is not written in stone yet and that I will not be receiving guidance from the oracle as I might need to learn to make my own way in this situation.

***The Alchemy Add on today is Coagulatio - Also deeply oriented in the element of Earth - it indicates things are finally taking shape and I might not be hanging in the tree much longer.

I love living my magickal lifestyle,

The Mystic is me <3


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Jul 21, 2022

Most excellent!



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