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What are signs, thoughts and visions that a god or goddess wants to work with you.. every since i was a little girl i have been attracted to crows and ravens.. I’ve been drawn to the land we love and nurture… as a little girl i would play in the dirt and with the bugs, I’d star up at the stars feeling like earth wasn’t my home.. as a little girl i would collect shells rocks leaves anything that made me feel i should keep it.. as small girl i was always better with animals, and cooking.. i found peace in the woods, and by a body of water (my sign is cancer, cups)

as i study the gods and goddesse, the stories feel as if they touched home. which Makes me wonder what signs I’ve missed growing up, that a god or goddess wanted to work with me… any helpful tips are greatly appreciated

BellaDonna Devine
Ravenwind Pendragon


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