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Igniting the Flames of Renewal

Beltane, celebrated on the 1st of May, is a festival of fire, fertility, and renewal. This ancient tradition marks the midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, embodying the peak of spring and the onset of summer. The energies of this sabbat are potent for manifestation, love, and cleansing of  one's spirit. 

In this ritual, we'll connect with the vibrant energies of Beltane through herbs, crystals, and candles, all traditional elements that align with the spirit of the season.

Traditional Associations:

Herbs: Hawthorn, mugwort, and elderflower are deeply tied to Beltane. 

Hawthorn, sacred for its protective properties is believed to open the heart to love and heal heartache as well. 

Mugwort facilitates clear vision and dreams, aligning us with the magic of Beltane. 

Elderflower is used for its abilities to protect and encourage the flourishing of new ideas and endeavors.

Crystals:  Carnelian, amber, and malachite embody the spirit of Beltane. 

Carnelian ignites passion and creativity, with its fiery color, energizes and stabilizes, igniting desire and passion. 

Amber, being fossilized sunlight, connects us to the warmth and endless energy of the sun. 

Malachite promotes transformation and the flourishing of new life, aligning with the theme of renewal. 

Always remember that a clear quartz can be utilized in place of any crystal that you need it to replace. Utilizing an emerald in this ritual is an awesome option as well here and can be swapped out for the malachite if needed.  

Candles: Some traditional colors of Beltane are green and red , I also added white. 

Green  Represents fertility, growth, and the verdant earth. 

Red,  Embodies passion, vitality, and the fires of Beltane.

White, Representing purity and the blossoming of new life. 

These candles will serve as a beacon for the energies we wish to attract.   

The Beltane Ritual


1. Create your sacred space by cleansing the area with smoke from dried mugwort (or sage), moving in a clockwise direction to invite positive energy. 

2 . Stand or sit within your circle, close your eyes, and visualize roots extending from your feet or spine deep into the earth, connecting you to its energy. Take deep, slow breaths until you feel calm and grounded.

3. Place your green, red, and white candles.

Place the green candle at the north and the red candle at the south points within your circle to represent the balance of earth and fire. Place your white candle in the center or in front of you depending on your space. (The intention is always what is important with these types of rituals.)

Hold your crystals in your hands momentarily, channeling your intentions into them, and then place them near the candles.

4. Surround the candles with your chosen herbs (hawthorn, mugwort, and elderflower) and your crystals (carnelian, amber, and malachite). Place them intuitively so that they are representations of the fires of Beltane.  



1. Light the green candle while saying, 

"With this flame, I invoke the spirit of growth and renewal. From earth’s depth to canopy above, I summon growth , life, vitality and love." 

2. Light the red candle and state, 

"With this flame, I summon the fires of creativity and passion. From the core of the stars to the heart’s fiery beat, I ignite passion, creativity, and heat."


3. Light the white candle and declare, 

"With this flame, I call upon the purity of new beginnings. Within its fire lies the promise of fresh starts and uncharted paths."

 4. Take a moment to ground and center yourself, take several deep breathes envisioning the vibrant energy of Beltane surrounding you.


Main Body:

Picking up the malachite in both hands, hold it in front of your heart , imagine how refreshing it is that transformation is now flowing through your life. 

Speak these words as you hold it;  

"Malachite, stone of transformation, guide me through the changing tides, and manifest my dreams into reality." 

Then place the malachite in front of you.

Picking up the carnelian crystal in your dominant hand, visualize your creative energies being ignited by the carnelian. 

Speak these words

 "Carnelian, stone of fire, awaken my deepest desires and fuel them with your vibrant light."


Pick up the Amber in your non dominant hand , envisioning your heart opening and your connections deepening. 

Speaking the words:, 

"Amber Amber bring me light, as I celebrate the fires on this Beltane night". 

Holding the Carnelian and Amber close to your heart (one in each hand),  and visualize a warm, radiant light emanating from them, filling you with vitality and connection to the sun. 

Speak these words: 

"As the Earth orbits the sun, so does my life revolve around creation and joy. " 

Place the crystals down beside you.

Take each herb in your hands, one by one, and whisper your intentions for protection, clear vision, and flourishing into them. Take the Hawthorn, Elderflower, and Mugwort in your hands, one at a time. As you hold each, state its purpose and whisper your intentions for protection, clear vision, and flourishing into each one of  them.

Hawthorn, open my heart to the love that abounds. 

Elderflower, protect my circle and ground. 

Mugwort, let me see beyond, where wisdom is found.

My Incantation for The fires of Beltane  :

Speak these words:

"Through herb, stone, and candle’s flame,

Let my spirit dance around the fires of Beltane.

In the smoldering embers and crackling cores,

We find the strength to open new doors.

By the fire’s gleam, we see the path ahead,

Where fear and doubt are swiftly shed.

We leap across the highest of pyres,

Our hearts aflame with pure desire.

This is our moment, the turning of the wheel,

When life’s mysteries are being revealed.

Beltane’s fire, burning bright,

Guide us with your sacred light.

For creativity. love and fertile lands,                                                                                                      

I call the power of fire , in my hands

By the  elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea,

In your balance, we find the key.

As the phoenix rises, so shall we,

From ashes of the past, we can now break free. So mote it be."

In Closing:

1. Express gratitude to the elements, your chosen deities or spirits, and the energies of  Beltane for their guidance and protection.

2. Snuff out the candles , acknowledging the closing of your sacred space.

3. Leave an offering of some herbs outside as a gift to nature and the spirits of the land.

 This Beltane ritual aligns us with the potent energies of the season, invoking renewal, passion, and growth.

By engaging with the traditional associations of herbs, crystals, and candles, we weave together a tapestry of magic that honors the vibrant essence of Beltane.

May your fires burn bright, and your spirit be renewed. 

Here is a handy pdf if you want to print it out.

 Beltane Igniting the fires of renewal..pdf

Blessed be.

Donna Devine

Posted Today, May 1

Donna Devine

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